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Quality Machining in Edmonton

Wynn Machine is a jobbing shop that can produce custom products, run one-offs and/or full production lines.

Custom, One-Off, and Full Production Lines

We take pride in our quality, and quick turnarounds. Our machines have the capability to turn up to 32" diameters. We have several modern hollow spindle lathes to machine tubular products. We also have the ability to permanently mark parts for ease of identification, and traceability. With over a dozen of various branded, late model cnc machines, Wynn has the capability to machine a wide variety of parts accurately, and efficiently. Our capacity will be expanded in the near future, with the addition of new equipment, to keep up with demand. To aid in corrosion prevention, we also have the ability to iron phosphate machined parts. The future plans are to include a zinc phosphate process as well, for the most demanding conditions. This will also enable us to coat larger parts.